Whole30 Day 29 – Almost There!

OMG, only one more day and I am done with this thing. Oh, and I am ready. I am so ready. Well, not that I’m gonna stuff my face with donuts and fries the first day after this program. But I’m definitely excited about the fact that I won’t have to worry about the little things. And finally – I would be able to eat out! In a restaurant, people! While not making the staff uncomfortable and confused, just ordering from the menu (hopefully) like all the other customers. This is super exciting.

However, I still have one more day in front of me. And then the reintroduction part. And I’m actually quite terrified by that one. Because it means a decent deal of meal planning and don’t know if I’m organised enough for that. Usually I plan my meals according to my current taste and mood, sometimes just minutes in advance. And now I’ll have to plan when exactly to have dairy (or gluten or something else) in the few upcoming days. That’s gonna be interesting.

But to be completely honest, one thing I know for sure is that I will totally have a pizza once I reintroduce all the different food groups. I didn’t have one for about four months. And I just need one now. It’s time.


But as I said, I’m definitely not planning to go crazy and have pasta and bread etc. after this everyday. Because even though I already followed the paleo/primal lifestyle before the Whole30 quite a bit and felt pretty good, I also noticed few more nice changes on the Whole30 too. This morning I actually stood in front of the mirror in astonishment. The love handle around my waist is smaller! Oh my gosh, it’s finally smaller. And my skin is kinda nicer too. It’s glowing these days. I don’t know how to describe this, but I feel pretty. So I should try to keep my diet on the healthy level as much as it’s possible for a normal human being. Because even though not many things changed according to my health (I guess I’m a quite healthy person after all), I really liked what I’ve seen in the mirror today.

Whole30 Day 29 - Breakfast


Now, what do you think of breakfast salads? Yes or no? I love having rocket or spinach as a base for my brekky hash normally. But as we didn’t have any of these by itself and I really felt like something green in the morning, I used a normal leafy mix. Which I topped with sweet potato and minced meat hash (I love it, if you haven’t notice) and lots and lots of Ranchero Salsa De Habanero sauce (it is legit) and coriander. And man, that was really good. I’m definitely doing this more often.


After brekky we went for one more apartment inspection. And I am officially in love! That’s the place. That’s us! I had a very hard time not to buy out half of Target’s homeware later on, as I could imagine equipping and decorating this place already. It had such a nice vibe. And I think the property manager actually liked us too. So, wish us good luck guys, this could be it.

Whole30 Day 29 - Lunch

Anyway, we came home pretty late again, totally starved. Luckily it took James only few minutes to make an awesome fried green curry stir-fry. But we were both so hungry that I could really make any better photo than this one. I guess I’m bit slack with the pictures as the Whole30 is coming to it’s finish. But hunger is a strong demotivation. Actually there is also only half of the meal on the photo as James was already through most of his portion before I even pressed the shutter button. I’m not sure if he even chews. He just inhales food.


Despite the fact that I like to try all the different cuisines and tastes, I will always love our rich Czech cooking. I love the full flavour middle European tastes. And it’s been a while since I had some typical hearty dish. So I decided for one of the very favourites for tonight’s dinner. The loved-by-all roasted pork with sauerkraut. Just no dumplings, as they are unfortunately not the most Whole30 friendly meal. But thankfully sweet potatoes are. And they tasted great with the meat and the kraut too. Only the glass of beer was missing…

Whole30 Day 29 - Dinner

If you are interested in different cuisines (including the Czech one), don’t forget to check my Recipes, as I am sharing all different types of meals. 

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