Whole30 Day 28 – Lazy Sunday

Day 28 was probably the laziest from the entire Whole30. I was still bit sick and tired so I just spent all day at home, doing nothing. Well, I actually wrote about the two previous days. Which is a quite an achievement for me due to the condition I was in this whole weekend. And also considering the fact that typing still takes a bit of time for me. I should finally find some course for that. Although I keep talking about it for few years, I’m still using maximum 4 fingers to type, while desperately searching for the letters on the keyboard all the time. I am bit old school in some things, I know.

However, apart from the typing I only did a very quick food shopping (almond spread and mushrooms, that’s all my brain could come up with in the shop) and the laundry which was nearly crawling out of the washing basket. Relax and some TV time, that’s what Sundays are made for anyway, right?


After the small dinner of bone broth the previous night, there was time to fuel the body again this morning. So I made myself a big breakfast consisting of fried egg, small burger patty, pumpkin-fennel puree and lots of sauteed spinach. Sunday breakfast on point.

Whole30 Day 28 - Breakfast


As I said, I still didn’t feel 100% at the end of the weekend. But it was definitely much better than at the beginning of it. So I tried to get back on track and write as much as possible, catching up on the daily Whole30 journals. Therefore I decided to skip the meal prep and had just soft boiled eggs with fresh veggies and chopped basil for lunch. And I honestly loved the simplicity of it. Why didn’t I make that much earlier? I’m trying to create all these recipes (usually still quick and easy though) and I totally forgot about the simple things.

Whole30 Day 28 - Lunch

Every now and then James is testing my perception. And also my ability to stay calm in demanding life situations, because he probably also noticed that I am not as patient as I used to be. Unfortunately I didn’t pass the perception test this afternoon. I didn’t check his pockets when doing the laundry and washed a tissue with the clothes again. But what is interesting, this time I didn’t loose my temper while shaking out the little stubborn almost glued pieces of white stuff from our clothes, before I could put everything back to the washing machine and repeat the cycle. I actually found it pretty funny, that it happened again. It looks like my patience is getting better with the Whole30. And that’s definitely better than nothing.


Meals including minced meat are definitely one of my favourites, especially rissoles, burgers and meatballs as well as Shepherd’s pie or Lasagna. So I was more than happy to have rissoles with lots of veggies for dinner. I don’t think that food can ever stop making me happy. I just love to eat. What about you? What are your favourite dishes?

Whole30 Day 28 - Dinner


  1. Bruce Young 29/05/2017 at 9:14 pm

    I really enjoy pizza, pasta, roast meats, BBQs & most vegies. I dislike olives! I love desserts, icecream, cakes etc etc etc! I enjoy reading your daily stories & congratulate you on doing so well at sticking to your Whole 30.

    1. thepeckishgirl 29/05/2017 at 10:34 pm

      Thank you, I can’t believe that I actually stuck to it either 😀 I love healthy food, but I am very excited to have a pizza soon too. Sometimes you need the balance 🙂

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