Whole30 Day 27 – Apartment Hunt Continues

I felt a bit better this Saturday morning, as the flu seemed slowly giving in. And I think it was because I drunk lots of the bone broth, ate balanced meals and relaxed the whole day on Friday. Well ok, maybe it was because I was super excited about going to few inspections of the available apartments I found on Day 25. My body was just brimming with adrenaline. I couldn’t even fell asleep the night before because I was imagining on of these apartments will be our new place. Our home.

However, things are not so easy. I don’t even know how many places we’ve seen this Saturday, because it was seriously a lot. I think we were hitting number twenty for sure. And we certainly liked few of them. Unfortunately as did the other people on the inspections. So now we have to wait and hope to be the lucky chosen ones. And probably visit few more place in the meanwhile. Just in case. And maybe because I kinda like this apartment hunting now.


As I didn’t have the strength to do the weekend meal prep and James was working on the previous days, we were reliant on finding lunch somewhere on the go, while driving around the city looking at units. And because the idea of eating out already failed few times on this Whole30, I knew that I need at least a big brekky before (ever) leaving the house. And because I am a lucky girl, my husband made the big brekky for me. Beef sausage, two eggs, broccoli and the pumpkin-fennel puree. It was amazing.

Whole30 Day 27 - Breakfast

It’s crazy though how hard it can sometimes be to go out and eat healthy. I know that the Whole30 is a bit more focused on the little details than other diets. But you can do it pretty easily too. There is nothing simpler than a piece of meat and veggies. Yet it seems to be a big problem in most of the restaurants and shops. With regards to this problem I am really glad that it’s only for 30 days. Because I like to eat out every now and then. And I don’t enjoy the strange looks people give me when I try to explain my current dietary requirements.


As I expected. No chance to eat outside without making a special request in advance. But fortunately I had the big breakfast in the morning. And the adrenaline was still high around lunch time. So I didn’t get grumpy and hangry this time. I was quite happy with my lunch in the car. After all I finally had the emergency (compliant) chocolate bar. It was quite a good excuse to have one. But I honestly didn’t enjoy it as much as I would expect. It was so sweet that I had to have around 3 nuts with every bite of it. Not my healthiest lunch, I know.

Whole30 Day 27 - Lunch

And I realised only after the last unit inspection, that we didn’t make any pictures of the actual apartments. We were so busy going through all the cabinets and corners that we have nothing to compare the apartments with each other. But I guess we have our favourites anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. I made few pics of the city instead.

Whole30 Day 27 - Wheel


Because James had to go to work after the apartment inspections, I decided to have a coffee and check out the shops in the city. At least one can have a coffee out without bigger trouble on the Whole30. Oh, and I found the most comfortable sneakers ever. I can’t wait to feel better and give them a proper test.

Whole30 Day 27 - City View

Anyway, once all the adrenaline was gone in the evening, the flu came forward again, reminding me that we are just not done yet. And I spent another night on the couch. And I wasn’t even hungry, which is not very usual for me. So I settled only for a big mug of the bone broth for dinner. Once you mix in nice spices (I like mine with turmeric, ginger, cumin, pepper and lemon salt) it turns to a very tasty soup. So I’m pretty happy about this purchase too. Hopefully it will help me to feel better next week again.