Whole30 Day 25 – Concentration

So today I devoted almost all my time and energy to the new apartment search. Because there just has to be a nice place for us! And that’s about it, not much else really happened today. So I’m sorry if you were looking for some crazy story from Day 25, but everyone has boring days sometimes. Right?

And I was actually so concerned about searching for the perfect little place, that completely I forgot I should eat sometimes too. That’s like third time in my life! But don’t worry, my stomach warned me loudly before I passed out of hunger. But only the fact that I didn’t think about food much (as I really do all the time, on the Whole30 probably about 90% of the day) is pretty interesting to me. Usually I think about dinner during breakfast already. I don’t think James would believe this.


Ok, but it’s probably time for some shopping and food prep in our household. At least for those Whole30 active. Although scrambled eggs with coleslaw are actually not such a bad combination. I mean, James’s compound of scrambled eggs and bacon looked a bit better, but I still had the protein and the veggies and they were both tasty. So why not.

Whole30 Day 25 - Breakfast Part 2

After brekky I started the new apartment hunt. And today I went for it big time, trying to book inspection of at least 20 different places. If none of these won’t be worth it, then I don’t know anymore. We will probably have to buy a caravan. Hmmm, caravan… That’s actually not such a bad idea. Maybe this is the time to fulfill the agelong dream of traveling in a converted van. Be the road gypsies, wearing sweat pants all the time. Oh, that’s it. We don’t have to search for an apartment anymore. Now we just need to find a sponsor…

Whole30 Day 25 - Breakfast


I made only a short break for lunch before more apartment viewing. So it was pretty handy that I had one portion of the meatballs with veggies and sauce left. I just added capers this time and topped everything on top of zucchini noodles. Otherwise if I spent too much time by cooking, I wouldn’t probably force myself to go back to the computer and continue. But the target was finding a perfect apartment today and I had to be completely concentrated. Look at me, being able to concentrate and not running away to do different things. I don’t know if this is due to the Whole30, but it’s certainly an improvement for me. Because I’m normally that annoying person who can’t sit still and do one thing for more than an hour or so. And cooking is definitely my favourite activity to slip to when I’m trying to avoid something else. Well, it’s a great excuse. Because everyone needs to eat, right?

Whole30 Day 25 - Lunch


Ok, I had enough of the computer at the end of this afternoon. But I did very well, making a structured schedule of the apartment hunt. But I also needed some fresh air after. So I decided to make a simple salad with chicken, packed in one of the food boxes and went to the city to enjoy coffee on the sun before it sets down. It’s seriously such an amazing weather here in Australia. I’m still amazed by that.

Whole30 Day 25 - Dinner

And that’s all from the Day 25. As I said, everyone has a boring day sometimes. And I’m actually pretty happy that at least one whole day wentย without any mood swings, dramas, drops in energy or crazy cravings. I guess at the end the Whole30 is becoming a part of my normal life.