Whole30 Day 23 – Chasing The Turkeys

One more day with a delay, as I was just deadly tired last night, unable to type anymore. Which sounds funny considering the fact that I bundled up myself in the sleeping bag at 8 pm on Monday. But it’s nice to listen to your body clock sometimes. And maybe think ahead a little bit. Because I realised early enough there was no way we could sleep in on the hard ground under the tent. But I had the best time camping in Binna Burra this Monday and Tuesday. It was extremely relaxing. Well, at least if I’ll omit the turkeys.

Here is the thing, there are quite a few wild turkeys in the camping area. And they are pretty cute, wandering around, not really paying attention to you. Well. That’s until you decide there is a time for something to eat. God forbid, making it a picnic on the ground. Because no matter how big or swift you are, they will try to steel your food. And I’m not talking about a timid little turkey coming a bit closer to see if you’ll share a piece. I’m talking about a turkey gangland. One silly move and you’ll end up without your lunch.


As I said, we assumed there won’t be too much sleep happening while camping after a little while. And this thought was not far from the truth. But waking up early also meant spotting a gorgeous sunrise over the Gold Coast Hinterland. Which made up for the crappy sleep in a split second.

Whole30 Day 23 - Sunrise

And after we soak up enough of the first sun rays and charged the soul, there was time to charge the body too. Eggs and hot dogs, with veggies. Simple and yummy, providing us with enough energy. Which was needed for more things than just hiking, as the turkeys flocked together, trying to come with a new strategy to conquer our food. Which meant that after every second bite I had to get up to chase a turkey away, before it would stick it’s head into my plate.

Whole30 Day 23 - Breakfast


Once we finished the breakfast and packed our things (couple turkeys trying if our frying pan is edible in the meanwhile), we could finally set for the planned bushwalk. We chose the Daves Creek Circuit in Lamington National Park, as it’s not the most challenging hike you can imagine, but it has a nice length (about 14 km return) and few interesting stops on the way. Like the Kweebani Cave we completely missed… Oh well, what can you do. We still enjoyed the views from Numinbah lookout and the Surprise rock, as well as the different vegetation types we walked through. If you haven’t done this walk yet, I definitely recommend it. I will just try to forget that James almost stepped on a snake. That didn’t happen.

Whole30 Day 23 - Nubinbah View

Coming back to the car park of Binna Burra we took pleasure of one more good coffee from the Lamington Teahouse and snacked on the burgers with sweet potato and pumpkin patties from previous night before heading back home. Packing the million boxes for this trip was definitely worth it. And I proved to James that having boxes of all the different sizes is very handy. Because he doesn’t share the love for boxes with me. He doesn’t understand.

Whole30 Day 23 - Lunch


Even though it was not the most serious hike, we still came home pretty tired. So we were both pretty glad when we found out that James’s parents made dinner for us too. Nothing better than a decent piece of roasted lamb after the big day. I think I never ate so much lamb in my life as in the 7 weeks here in Australia. Because most of Czech people don’t like the taste of lamb, it’s not so easy to come across this tasty meat. So once again, I’m a happy girl.

Whole30 Day 23 - Surprise Rock


  1. Maruska 24/05/2017 at 7:24 pm

    I m so glad to share the passion for boxes with someone 😀 and lamb 😀

    1. thepeckishgirl 24/05/2017 at 9:17 pm

      I know, it’s good to know that you are not the only one 😀

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