Whole30 Day 22 – Unplugged Under The Stars

I’m back! If you wondered why I haven’t posted a journal from day 22, it’s because we were camping at Binna Burra in Lamington National Park. And I found it slightly inappropriate to take my computer there. It would be pretty pathetic, if I would stare in the screen instead of watching the stars, don’t you think? And at least I know that I’m not that addicted to social media and technical achievements of modern times. I managed to survive over 24 hours without posting a single thing. Or even checking Instagram. The world won’t forget about you, if you skip Instagram for one day. It’s good to remind yourself every now and then. And that’s at least refreshing. Not only I have a great mood, but the tic in my eye is gone too.

Now to the food part. The test of sticking to the Whole30 while camping and hiking passed. Although I’m quite glad we went only for a of couple days. Because we would need a second car just for food otherwise. It took one stuffed Esky and about million boxes, just to get one breakfast, couple lunches and one dinner for two. Sandwiches and hot dogs definitely are easier. But I have to admit, that the food we packed, provided us with lots of energy for two full-on days. And there were no snacks needed. It definitely gets easier with the hunger and cravings.


I started the day with a quick leftover cauliflower fried rice with chicken, topped with fried egg, while finishing the food prep and packing for the trip. I packed the food, James everything else. It took us a same amount of time.

Whole30 Day 22 - Breakfast

First stop on our little getaway was the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk. And it was totally worth the little detour. We found this place last week, when visiting the Cedar Falls on a Day 16. But unfortunately didn’t have enough time left for the skywalk then. So when we planned what to do on James’s next weekend (Monday, Tuesday), this place was on the top of our list.

Whole30 Day 22 - Skywalk

It’s such a beautiful and relaxing spot. Great way to explore the rainforest and it’s wildlife, in some cases from up to 30 metres high. But it’s quite suitable even for those with baby in a pram or on a wheelchair, as the first skywalk bridge is completely barrier-free. However, I would recommend to come earlier in the morning, as it’s get busier during the day, even on the weekdays. So that at least you would have enough time to undisturbed enjoy a delicious coffee on a terrace overlooking the rainforest (one of the best coffees I had in Australia so far) and make as many pictures as you wish, without other visitors interpose in your shot.

Whole30 Day 22 - Coffee


After the skywalk, it was time to betake ourselves to the camping site in Lamington and anchor there for the day. And while James was unloading everything out of the car and setting up our 5 star accommodation, I went through the food box mountain and managed to transfer the already made lunch to the plastic plates. It took us a same amount of time again. Just a little reminder for those who are still considering the Whole30. It can consume a lot of your time. But it’s for the better. And I already made it to day 22, so these little things shouldn’t surprise me. And the cauliflower rice with green beans, radishes, glazed sweet potato and pumpkin with chicken thighs tasted pretty amazing. It’s mostly worth the time.

Whole30 Day 22 - Lunch


Another coffee with a great view at the Lamington Teahouse. Another excellent coffee. I think many of the cafes in Brisbane should really think about their product a bit more. Anyway, since we didn’t have so much time after lunch before the sun goes down, we finished the coffee and went just for a little rainforest walk around the park, to be back early enough to start a fire before it’s dark. I still can’t get used to the fact that Australia is going to the winter now (while maintaining temperatures similar to summer in middle Europe) and it’s getting dark very early. It doesn’t make sense to me just yet.

Whole30 Day 22 - Dinner

However, we got back in time to make the fire, prep everything for BBQ dinner (it definitely should be the Monday routine) and watch a beautiful sunset. In the astounding Australian nature. And, except one quiet caravan, completely by ourselves. It’s not really bad to have weekend on Monday and Tuesday.

Whole30 Day 22 - Sunset

  1. Bruce Young 24/05/2017 at 7:35 am

    We go to Mt Tamborine quite a lot as my brother & his wife live there. It really is a great place to lose time. The little town of Canungra is also worth some time & Binna Burra is just stunning. Did you feed the Crimson Rosellas & King Parrots. A truely fantastic experience.

    1. thepeckishgirl 24/05/2017 at 2:35 pm

      It’s beautiful, I am truly amazed by the Australian nature. We would like to feed the birds next week 🙂

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