Whole30 Day 21 – Self-Torture

Three weeks in! And honestly, it gets easier and easier. Well, if you read yesterday’s notes, you could notice that I still have some bad days according to mood. But otherwise I feel good. I sleep like a baby. I also have quite a lot of energy during the day. And what the biggest improvement is that the cravings are smaller and less tempting every day. Which I actually tested a big time today. Because I spent a whole afternoon at the Paniyiri Greek Festival. If you ever visited, you would know that it’s approximately 90% about the delicious Greek food. And of course after that come some traditions, dancing performances, competitions and so on. But you can easily say that Greeks like to eat.

Whole30 Day 21 - Self-Torture

Well, at least I have a good reason to go next year again. Even though I was not jealous at the happy smiley eating people all around me (ok, that’s a lie, but I wasn’t over jealous), I indeed felt bit guilty for not trying any of those delicacies. So next year I should just sample every Moussaka and Baklava the festival has to offer, so I could prove to the Greek community that I’m really not a cold-blooded ignorant who doesn’t like good food.

Whole30 Day 21 - Paniyiri


Big brekky before the day out. Because I got my lesson. And despite the fact that I did have a lunch box ready for the afternoon too, I wanted to make sure that I won’t be too hungry at the festival. So I had a big bowl of breakfast hash. What a surprise, right? What can I do, this food just makes me happy. And it’s so easy to make. Which makes me even happier.

Oh, but I almost violated one of the Whole30 rules this morning. By a random chance I came across a scale. It’s good we don’t actually own one with James, as I considered about stepping on it for a serious moment. I thought that I would then conceal this event, pretend that nothing happened. Which would probably go about five minutes before someone would sense that there is something wrong with me. Because I hate breaking any rules. It’s not right. And what is very uncomfortable sometimes – I can’t lie. I am the most obvious liar in the world. When I’m trying to say something that I don’t believe in or what’s not true, I will get this unnatural dubious grin, which is hard to overlook. So I chucked it in.


So I was certainly the only person who brought her own lunch to the Paniyiri. And I definitely got few odd looks. But I just couldn’t take the risk again of being unable to find any suitable food for myself when I need to be fed. I have a feeding schedule, which needs to be followed as accurate as possible. Otherwise the stuff what happened yesterday could be repeated. And nobody wants that.

Whole30 Day 21 - Self-Torture

Whole30 Day 21 - Paniyiri

And I think it was not a silly move in the world of honey puffs and cheese filled triangles. So while watching the skilled Greek dancers I snacked on a new version of Cauliflower Fried Rice. This time enriched with chicken, bitter melon and kelp. Very good, even when surrounded by all the tempting goodness all around.

Whole30 Day 21 - Lunch

Whole30 Day 21 - Self-Torture
But I am a good wife, so I got some Baklava for James


We should really find the apartment soon, before I will get too used to the served dinners. Like today’s lamb chops with sauteed green beans and mushrooms and roasted sweet potatoes. But how much better does food taste when somebody else makes it, right? I think It’s probably good I didn’t step on the scale. At least I didn’t get disappointed. Because it seems impossible to loose weight with so much good food.

Anyway, now it’s time to say goodbye, since I have a lot of food prep to do. Because if the weather will remain merciful, we will go camping with James tomorrow. Which is super exciting but it also means that I should be food prepared. But I already made through three weeks, so couple days without kitchen can’t stop me from making it to the 30 days, right? However, I will let you know once we are back on Tuesday, how did we go (as James is mostly having the same meals when he is off) with the Whole30 outside of our comfort zone.


  1. Maruska 23/05/2017 at 6:55 pm

    I cannot believe you have missed the char grilled baby octopus!! The only reason I go to the festival 😀 It is absolutely divine!! And I am 99% sure W30 approved as well. 😀 (please do not say it is not if it is not) Thank you in advance 😀 Maruska

    1. thepeckishgirl 24/05/2017 at 2:34 pm

      Haha, I will definitely try it next year! This time I didn’t wanna risk it ?

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