My Gut Healing Diary – Let’s Begin

You already know why I decided to start with the GAPS Introduction diet, so I thought I could take you through the individual stages with me. The Introduction diet consists of 6 stages, but every stage actually takes different time, because it depends on how you react to the foods presented. Someone can go through the stages during a month (I’m hoping to be this person, haha) where others can take even a year. And because I don’t think I would be able to write a diary from every single day as I did with my Whole30, I thought I could just split it into weeks and write a little summary of each week. Share my thoughts and experiences with those who might be interested in doing GAPS or are on their healing journey already as well, because even though we will all take different time to go through the stages and have different reactions to certain foods, I think it’s always nice to know that you’re not in it alone.

To be completely transparent here, I’m not planning to go on the full GAPS diet (continuing the Introduction diet which takes up to 2 years) after this. I chose the Introduction diet as one of the tools when healing my gut and getting rid of parasites and bacteria, because I found it well structured and very nourishing. But I don’t think staying on the full diet for such a long time would be possible for me. Luckily I’m not that sick, I just have an upset belly and a few other little problems and have to work on reducing stress. And I love food. I love to socialise and eat out sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking healthy food at home and I don’t actually go out that much, usually about once a month, but it’s just nice to have that option.

But the biggest reason for me is actually stress. Being on a diet and having a feeling that I can’t do something stresses me out. I can get really anxious about the rules and what to eat. And as I already said in the previous post, lots of my health and digestive problems actually come from stress and anxiety. So personally I think that after the healing stage I would just do something like 80/20 (or more 90/10). Eating mostly Paleo, because that makes me feel my best, but also don’t stress if I eat something that’s out of the “rules”. That said, I’m not going to eat processed foods and junk, that’s definitely out of the question, but occasionally enjoy things like organic sourdough, rice etc.

My Gut Healing Diary - Let's Begin

And last reason might sound funny, but I don’t want to lose all my strength. I worked really hard the past year on building some muscle and getting strong and fit. And I know I’m not a professional athlete, but it was very hard work and I love how much my body is able to do. I’m proud to say I’m the fittest I’ve ever been. And that’s something I just don’t want to lose. Also I don’t want to lose any weight because I think I’ve been at my ideal body weight for a good 4 years now and combined with my love for exercise (who would have thought that 10 years ago) I have a very big energy demand. And I know that on the GAPS diet you can eat as much and as often as you need, but the variety and macro-nutrient composition is important for me as well. But this reason of course comes as a last one, because health always comes first 🙂

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