The holiday season is nearly here, which means Christmas is just around the corner.

I truly love Christmas. The decorations, the time we spend with our family, the traditions and the markets, the gifts we find under the tree and of course, the food. But there is always so much food. And not all of it is exactly good for us. And as a person with allergies and intolerances I know, how hard the Christmas holidays can get.

That’s why I decided to create the Healthy Christmas Cookbook, to help you stay healthy and fit even during the holiday season, skipping the sluggish feel and the few extra kilos many of us get afterwards.




All the recipes in this cookbook are naturally gluten free, dairy free (except a few with butter) and sugar free. And you will definitely find healthified versions of some of the most popular traditional Christmas dishes from the Czech Republic (my home) and Australia (my current home).


Few examples:

Prawn Skewers

"Potato" Salad

Hazelnut Cups

Glazed HamTrifleHealthy Christmas Cookbook

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