Applying For Australian Partner Visa – Submitting The Application

When I posted the article about Applying For Australian Partner Visa – Things To Know I promised to keep you updated on the other steps of the process as well, especially the actual submitting of the visa while being in Australia already. Because I know it’s quite a pain to figure this whole visa thing out. And how good it is to get some information about it from a real human. And I am happy to say that I can finally do so. Because after fearing that it got lost somewhere in the Atlantic ocean, my police check from Canada finally arrived. So now my application is all finished, submitted and I’m already a proud Bridging Visa holder, waiting for the result on my Temporary Partner Visa (subclass 820).

So how does the actual application process look like?

Applying For Australian Partner Visa – Submitting The Application

First of all, you can choose if you would like to lodge a paper application or complete an online form. The whole time I thought about filling in the actual paper work. All my supporting documents (marriage certificate, police checks etc.) are already in paper form as well, so it seemed easier to me. But that was when I thought that you can submit the application in person. And maybe even get a little bit of advice from someone in the office while lodging it.

However, after one short call to the Immigration Department (don’t be afraid to call if you have any problem with your application, they are super helpful) I found out that if you are lodging a paper application you can only do it by mail. So you just have to put everything in an envelope and send it to the department. No human contact included. So I decided to give the online version a go.

Our Day

Online application

As a first step you have to create an ImmiAccount or log into your current one if you already have it (you should have one already if you were applying online for a visitors visa for example). After that the steps of the application are fairly easy.

There are 28 pages which you have to fill, similar to the paper form. You will be asked to fill all the personal details. As well as details of your family members (including their wedding dates! etc.) and your sponsors family members. I was honestly a bit surprised about the specifics regarding to my and my husbands family situation. But I guess it’s just the government’s way how to eliminate the fake relationships and marriages. Anyway, what was the biggest challenge was to fill all the countries I visited in last ten years. Because they don’t mean just the ones you lived in, but all of them. So if you like to travel, be ready to spend some time on this page. However the good thing about the online application is that you can save it any time and come back to it when you want to.

After submitting the online application

Once you fill all the questions in (and double check that you have them right), you can go to the next step and lodge the application. Straight after that you should pay for it (there are few options of payment available). So the application can be received as soon as possible and you’ll get your bridging visa. I’ve got mine one day after paying for the application which was faster than I expected. Don’t worry about attaching any supporting documents while submitting the application though, you’ll get there later. I freaked out a little about not seeing the attachment part and called to the department (again) if I missed something. But as I said, they are very helpful and explained to me that I will be able to attach the documents once my application is submitted. Which is once they get both the application and the payment.

After the status of your application changes from received to submitted, the look of your ImmiAccount will slightly change as well. From this point you should be able to view the lodged application and the receipt for it. There should be also information about the Bridging visa being granted, same one as you would get in your e-mail. However it doesn’t say when the bridging visa starts, but the rule is that it’s not until your current visa finishes.

Once your current visa finishes, you can apply for your tax number on this website Of course only if the bridging visa allows you to work. And if you are actually willing to work in Australia. It takes up to 28 days to get the tax number, but you’ll get a reference number first, so you can start working from day 1. I can’t personally wait to be able to start working. I enjoyed the holiday, but now I need to “earn it” again. Ehm, and I also need to earn some money too. Because the application is nowhere from cheap and we just became tenants of a beautiful apartment.

Anyway, this is it for the submitting and now I’m off to attach the documents to my application. I might write about that part later as well. But I hope that someone will find this article about Applying For Australian Partner Visa – Submitting The Application at least little bit helpful.

And of course I would love to hear from you too. Did you move to a different country? Was the process easy or hard? Share your story in the comments.

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